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support quyestion, why ubuntu only have 5,7GB free space, but on Windows, there is 28GB+ free space? is there a way to see if there files in /usr/local/lib/fglrx? I want to remove everything fglrx-related from my system. Li: ubuntu uses "swap" so it can be used to allocate memory in case you need to hibernate or something like that i cant seem to find anything related to fglrx Li: windows doesn't use swap BeSprocket: you will lose fglrx when you run the It will install xorg-drivers-fglrx-updates package to make up the difference EriC^^, it do use swap, but it has 28GB+ free space on windows Li: i'm pretty sure it uses swap too Li: try "df -h" in a terminal i think okie can i fix the linux using only free space? you can add a partition for /home i have 7GB in free space, can i fix it? Li: sure EriC^^, i have 5GB in free space, can i fix it? EriC^^, what do i need to do? Li: you mean you want to remove some programs? EriC^^, can i fix it by only free space? EriC^^, yes Li: open the software center and click on view > additional drivers Li: you want to remove the fglrx drivers, it's likely that you wont be able to boot, and you'll need to remove the xorg-drivers-fglrx-updates package, which will make up for it i'm not sure if it's possible to remove programs without




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Sony Sound Forge 6.0 Free Download With Keygen

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